Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Day 2: 20 of my favorite things

Doing my Day 2 challenge is quite challenging as provided by this 30-day blog challenge. [So challenge-ful, huh.] :P

When I woke up this morning, I was already thinking what things I will list down as my most favorite, but nadah.  I found it hard to filter - given that I almost make everything my favorite! As long as a thing gives me joy, it becomes my favorite.  And even in small things, I can always see joy. [I’m mumbling, I know. This is the second paragraph now that I used the same words in every sentence.] ^_^

Without further ado, these are my top 20 favorite things, in random order:

1. Bridgette, my laptop
Need I say more?  She has been with me since November 2010 and has served her purpose to be my bridge to my loved ones back in Philippines and all over the world.Bridgette the laptop 
Through internet, she also provided me with the internet resources – making the world just a few fingertips away. ^_^
Luv yah, Bridgy! :)

2. Samsung Galaxy smart phone
It’s more than just a phone, it’s Bridgette’s best buddy & mine, too. =)  I applied for a postpaid plan here which provides me unlimited internet access, hence I used it to tether (aka: serve as a ‘wifi’) and connect to my laptop.  Also since it’s a mobile phone, I can still connect to the cyberworld 24/7 – anytime, anywhere. \m/

[Did you already notice that I am so into the cyberworld?]

3. Didache daily bible reflection

4. Sling bag

5. Notebook and colorful pens

notebook and colorful pens

6. F45 Body Lotion

7. My 12megapixels digital camera

8. Lip balm

[Uhmmm…. is this just limited to “things”?]

9. Cartoons movie – like Finding Nemo, Happy Feet, Kung Fu Panda, the likes. :)

10. KitKat chocolate – I always have one every lunch.

[Zzzzz….it’s 10:58pm here now, and I’m really doooozing off to sleep.]

11. Praise and worship songs – always played whenever I wake up (even while I’m writing this blog entry, I’m playing an instrumental one to relax my mind).


walking on sunshine wohooooo12. Walking under sunshine
I am a fan of warm sunny time, rather than cold winter. 
I’d rather have the fresh breeze of the night (and just use a moskutiro to drive away mosquitoes) rather than in an airconditioned-rooom. 

This is why I *hate* winter season so much (but I still want to see some snow, though, and build my snowman and make a snow angel.). ^_^

 13. Sports – both indoor and outdoor: track and field, volleyball, table tennis, badminton. :)

 14.  First-times – My whole personality can be summed up to the word ‘adventure’.  I love doing things first times – even the nature of my work which require to look at what the prior year audit procedures were done are evidenced that I want to do things the ‘first time’.  Why? Because I usually end up doing works in my own first-time way: which can have both good and bad effects (haha!).  I like taking roads that a few travel by.  The thrill of excitement of doing something for the first time gets me so giddy-yep(!) and such feeling is my favorite. First out of the country trip, first zipline, first scuba dive, etc.

 15. Jumpshot Photos -  I got loads of them and planning to put all of them here, but eeeeh…there will be a separate post for this. :) I guess, wherever I am, as long as there’s a camera, I will always have one jumpshot picture. ^_^

[5 more to go!!! Whooopie.. My braincells are already malfunctioning. Think, think, think.]

16. Books and audio lessons on investments, internet marketing and business

17. Bo Sanchez (apologies for making you a ‘thing’) and Kerygma – have been part of my life since high school

[…3 more! Uhm, errr, uhm]

18. Conversations & Laughters– One thing I discovered during my 3.5 years of my audit fieldwork career is that: I love talking and making conversations even to people I just meet.  For example, during my recent audit fieldwork, instead of sometimes inquiring about work and auditing my client, I audit about their lives and about their culture (haha!).  I would talk with them about anything and everything under the sun.  This has happened to me before way back in Philippines and ended up be-friending one of the senior officer of a well-known insurance Philippine company.  Being a friend or being close to my audit client bring out ‘audit independence issue’, hence I was pulled out from that engagement and given a different client. Haha! But this attitude has provided me wide range of networks. =)

19. Hammocks

20. Guitar – the natural sound coming from this instrument soothes my soul, most especially if bf plays it. Red heart


- - -

Sharing time!!! :)  It’s YOUR turn. 
List three of your most favorite things.  Open-mouthed smile


Keep learning and keep moving forward!

Lyn-Lyn \(“,)/


  1. Heres mine, my favorite things and things I love to do (yung iba kinopya ko kay lynlyn, jowk! Same interests lang, charing! Anu beh, magpaliwanag daw ba! hahaha)

    1. My computer at home and office
    2. Daily bread and didache
    3. My little stuff toy (CJ 7) beside my computer
    4. Sharing, chatting & laughing (kasama na yung pangugulit)
    5. Editing photos (whew!)
    6. Travelling/ nature tripping
    7. Chocolates preferably SNICKERS
    8. Kerygma magazines/ inspirational movies(basta inspirational panalo sakin)
    9. Books of Bo Sanchez and other inspirational books
    10. My baby pets- rabbits and all the stuffs (given by my bf)
    11. Necklace- it symbolizes something in my relationships to my future hubby
    12. Visiting kerygmafamily site and blogs sites especially my lil sister’s blog ^__^
    13. Facebook/ games
    14. cellphone
    15. Praise and worship songs
    16. Small things/stuffs given by friends/family that touches my heart (emo mode and mababaw na kaligayahan lang)
    17. Watching cartoons din :)
    18. Etc. (wala na ko maisip, dito kase ako sa work now and need to post it here na! see you next challenge!)

    1. Natawa ako sa response mo, ate cha. I was just asking for 3 favorite things from my commentators, pro you jot down 17, which is kulang ng 3 pra maging 20 na! :P Oh sya, pagpatuloy mo at isipin kung ano pa ung additional na 3 pra maging 20 kna rin. :P

      PS: Nakakatuwa ang challenge na 'to, noh? Coz when you're at the middle and thinking of your fave things, prang wla ka ng maisip. Pero when you're almost near the end na at malapit na sa 20, marami ka ng naiisip na mga fave mo. ^_^ Such simple joy coming from simple things in life. :-) Have a blessed day, Mami Cha!


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