Thursday, February 02, 2012

Use Your SHAPE!!!

I am part of the Wednesday homegroup (aka: Bible study) here at our place.  Since I am currently outside the state for my fieldwork, we opted to do Skype video conferencing while I’m here at the hotel, so I can still be part of the homegroup (aka: sharing God’s words).  There was internet connection error, but still we managed to put me through by calling me up. (Thank you, friends!) ^_^

Our topic this Wednesday night was about the Purpose #5: Serving God through Ministry from Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Life book.  This Wednesday night, I learned about the ways on how to serve God through His ministry (aka: church, people, community) through the use of our SHAPE!  [body figure?!!

What is S-H-A-P-E?

Here’s my reflection:

S – Spiritual Gifts:  The Great Guy above has shaped us into being the person He meant us to be, together with the spiritual gifts He bestowed upon us.  What are these gifts?  An example I can give is the gift of faith.  How can we manifest this gift?  By trusting our Lord, with all our hearts, with all our minds.

H – Heart:  Where does your heart belong to?  What is “this something” deep within you that you really really really love to do?  What do you enjoy doing that when you do it, you lose track of time?  All of us have our own passions that drive us crazy: this makes us energize every minute of every day!  Mine is writing this blog entry to share to the world.  (I should be sleeping now and take enough rest but I just can’t get my hands off the keyboard!) :P


A – Ability:  I believe that this ability relates to our talents.  Do you play an instrument? Love photography?  A good listener?  A great counselor?  A cook?  Check you abilities and use them to serve God’s ministry and be a blessing to others.


P – Personality:  Each of us have our own uniqueness – which makes each of us special and important.  One can be a silent-shy type person; while others can rock the whole room with their top-of-the-tone friendly voice.  When you look at the mirror, what kind of person do you see?  Make use of your attitude to serve our Lord!


E – Experience:  I have learned that we always win in life: good experiences make us feel better, and bad experiences provide us with lessons.  Isn’t it amazing? :)  Each of us has a story to tell.  Where we are now is a result of where we came from and travels we made along the way: both the good and the bad.  We surpass whatever battles we went through – and these stories are always worth to tell and serve as inspiration to others.  There are always two ways to learn: 1. From our experience; 2. From other people’s experience.  How can your life’s experiences serve as an offer to God to serve for His ministry?  Make that reflection and make a personal testimony.  Who knows? Thousands may be blessed by your story.


- - - - - -

Dear friends, let us all use our SHAPE to continue serving our Lord and grow our ministry. Open-mouthed smile



Keep learning and keep moving forward!


Lyn-Lyn \(“,)/





  1. I feel blessed after i read those inspiring words of yours, you know what, everyday part of my routine or before i start my work, i was able to read your blog, it means my day is incomplete kapag di ako nakabisita man lang dito.,hahaha. (avid fan talaga! pa autograph naman jan with signature ha, hahaha ) :) hmmmm i enjoy learning and knowing more things naman through you. sabi mo nga we learn from other people experiences and of course our own experiences and thats true. :)

    Ang nakakatuwa pa sa blog mo, may sense of humor and yun yung mga gusto ko basahin. Advantage na rin na you're personally known to me kaya mas feel ko yung sinusulat mo here.. i noticed na everyday ka na may post unlike sa old blog mo na monthly ata yun! inip naman ako dati sa khihintay kung kelan ka magpopost ulit! hahaha.

    A good start my lil sis, continue and finish strong! Godbless :) mwuah

    1. wOw nman, ate cha... :) I'm touched. :D Just want to share na: everyday, I read the Novena to God's word. And everyday, I am touched and moved to be accounted through these words:

      "Today, I proclaim that I am God's beloved, I am God's servant, I am God's powerful Champion, and because I am blessed, I will also bless the world."

      ..andami nating blessings. Ung paggising plng sa morning, ung meron sunrise (i always always very very much appreciate the sun since I've been here). Maka-feel lng ako ng araw, masaya na ang day ko. :D :)

      And how can we bless others? Sa mga simpleng bagay: it is as simple as me smiling and saying thank you dun sa waiter/waitress who serves my morning breakfast and offer me coffee. :D :) \(",)/ Tulad ng sunrise na bine-bless ako at bumubuo ng araw ko, I feel na dapat, meron din akong ma bless kahit isang tao sa isang araw, pra I can also make his/her day. :-) Oh dvah?! hihihi ^__^ Amen to that. :)

      PS: Mas marami na akong posts ngaun kc free-flowing na tong blog, aka: mas personal at kahit ano lng pwede ko sabihin, i mean isulat. hihi..! Dun kc sa isa, nili-limit ko lng na ung posts ko dun would be all about finances and investments. ^_^ Otherwise, magiging off-topic ako. :P


  2. ah kaya pala! hahaha. nga pala lynlyn everyday din ako nagbabasa ng didache because of you! hahaha. why because of you??? kasi ang talagang binabsa ko dati everyday is daily bread then naging living water and recent is didache! (binigyan ko din nga pala si eugenio nun! hahaha) but enweis, your such a good influence to me! thank you!

    yeah your ryt! parang pay it forward lang eh no, i remember that movie hahaha!


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