Thursday, February 09, 2012

Day 3: A photo taken over 10 years ago of you

Just got back tonight at my hotel room after chillin’ out with some of the Filipinos here at the state where I am currently on audit fieldwork.  Being with them and speaking Tagalog make home just a few distance away. (Dear Friday, please come soon. I want to fly back to my own roooom!) ^_^

For my 3rd day of my 30-day blog challenge, my non-digital over a decade ago pictures are all back home in the Philippines (I’m thinking of putting in our picture during our senior graduation ball, because it was taken exactly 10 years ago, but I can’t find them.)  I just scanned through the album of one of my high school friends and grab our picture during our graduation day, when we were sweet sixteen. :)

Graduation Day

This was taken on March 19, 2002 (Ooops, I’m short of one month to qualify this for a 10-year old photo).  Anyway, these are my best gurl buddies in the Chinese school where I studied since Grade 1.  We were having fun in front of the camera before our graduation rites started inside our school gymnasium.  This has been a memorable day because our batch was the first to wear a graduation toga (it is always just school uniforms during graduation day), and not just the typical white-colored toga -  it’s a silver-blue colored one of a kind graduation toga! \(“,)/

I miss these gurls.  We mostly update each other through Facebook but we have not spent much time because we are mostly scattered in the world and even in Philippines.

If we start from left to right:

  • (Aherm) This girl is currently in the United Kingdom practicing her profession in one of the Big 4 audit firms, and is soon travelling to Europe. :)
  • This gal is soon to be the greatest businesswoman in one of the biggest hardware industries in our hometown. She is also great in interior designs and artistic crafts.
  • She is the first to get married at age 21 and my most avid customer in my online business. :) She also keeps on travelling in Asian countries together with her husband and daughter.
  • This girl is my best buddy since we were in 4th grade and is now a practicing medical technologist in California, New York and now, in Alaska.
  • The next is my kumare. She is a nurse and is now in Manila together with her husband and my cutie kiddo godson.
  • This bubbly girl is called my “kambal” because we really look identical.  She’s also a nurse and is currently in Makati practicing her profession.
  • And the last is the tallest among us all, and still slim and sexy 10 years after! (I have to ask her secret how she maintained her figure.) hehe.. :)

Hmmm..I was still browsing among my friend’s photo album and the next I saw which can really qualify as an over 10-year old photo is:

A photo taken


This was taken on September 2000 during our school’s loyalty day celebration – where we also have our intramurals.  I was in Junior in high school (evidence by the shirt I’m wearing) and I was on hand-cuffed! [I just have to cut the pic to respect the privacy of the other person I was being hand-cuffed to.]

It really amazes me how I was able to get over with this tomboy-kind-of-like get-up look.  I am always in this kind of outfit: a cap, t-shirt, shorts and rubber shoes.  It requires a lot of effort to convince me to wear a dress. :P  Those happy high school days… :)


- - - -

Come and share the fun! Smile

Post your photo links on the comments below, or you can tell us your age (reveal it) and your most memorable event 10 years ago. :) Just deduct 10 from your current age. *winks*


Keep learning and keep moving forward!


Lyn-Lyn \(“,)/


  1. hmmmm naalala ko lang wayback 10 years ago, kagraduate ko lang nun ng college tapos uso na nun ang F4, remember nyo yung herthrob F4 members from Taiwan., Meteor Garden?? waaahhhh grabeh ang guguwapo tlaga nila. fanatic me ubeer! hmp! everyday from 5 to 530 pm yata yun i think., wala ako absent sa panonood nun, pag brown out, inis na inis ako kase di ko masususbaybayan! hahaha. suuper kadupeer kilig ako and habang naaalala ko sila ngayon, parang kinikilig pa rin ako! hahaha. and ang matindi nito, dapat nagwowork na rin ako dat time kasi tapos na nga ko ng college eh di talaga ko nag aaply ng work nun, and hinintay ko talaga syang matapos buong episode para panalo di ako maiwan sa kwento, bumili pa tlaga ako ng poster nila, ginawan ko pa ng scrapbook at kahit ilang ulit pa ireplay yung meteor garden, ganon ding ulit ko sya pinanood! harhar thats ol! :P

    1. Hahaha... gumiling-giling ako sa kakatawa, Ate Cha!! *giling-giling* :))

      Oh well, oh well... ako rin, super uber fanatic ng Meteor Garden! Naalala ko, babad ako sa TV during summertime bago nag-start ung 1st year college life ko. At nung makita ko ung schedule ng subjects ko sa 1st sem, meron ako ng hanggang 5pm na subject. Eh, it means hnde ko na aabutan if uuwi pko ng bahay ung Meteor Garden. Kaya, tumatakbo kmi ng mga classmates ko sa malapit na carinderia sa school, at dun nanonood. Inis ung nagbabantay dahil nood lng kami lagi. Ginagawa namin, bumibili nlng kami ng pancit canton, kahit isa lng, tapos 4 kami naghahati dun sa canton. hahahaha! :))

      Fanatic din ako ni Dao. err... kc kamukha sya ng bf ko during dat tym (ex ko na ngaun). hahaha.. :) Memorise ko pa ung mga lines eh, pati ung mga kanta nila na hnde meteor garden related.

      Sabi nga ni Shan Chai: "Wo po cher tao, Dao Ming Si. Twey Po Chi. Twey Po Chi." - hahahaha! :)

      Nakakatuwa pa kc nga galing ako Chinese school, kaya in a way, na-karelate ako ng konti dun sa language na gnagamit nila. :D :) Ansarap! Gwapo pa rin talaga cla! *kilig*


    Here's mine :)


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