Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Day 7: My worst habit

. . . overdo, over-use and over-abuse my body capacity and braincells. D nman pinoy henyo. Hehe... It's just what they often say: "The mind is willing but the body is weak," which I do not apply to myself often.

Due to my hyper-active over-energized  personality, I forgot to listen to my body needs and still push myself even when I'm already tired & sleepy. Result: sick-ish. :'(

Just like right now. I requested to be out from work an hour early and be back here at the hotel to take enough rest, because my head's exploding due to headache, my eyes are tired, shortness of breathe, swollen throat and warm body temperature.

Hope to be better tomorrow.

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  1. im a certified addict! hahhaha. ah ah, baka iniisip mo na, drugs, yosi, alak and gamble! no way! hahah

    adik ako sa chat, sa forum, basta may magustuhan ako, di ko tigilan hanggat hndi nasisira ang health! hahaha. over titig sa comp, nakakahilo na kung minsan pero pag nasimulan ko rin mag games and nagustuhan ko, patay na! nonstop na! hahhaa

    the worst tlga is mag emo (paminsan minsan na lng aketch, change lifestyle ika nga :P )! hahahhaa

    1. ..haha...! At least nagbago na ung pagiging emo, ate cha. :P

      Adik ka nga - pero mukhang hnde nman sya worst habit eh. Basta ung health lng talaga lagi ang dapat isipin. :)


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