Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day 9: Hopes, dreams and plans for the next 365 days

“Winners are planners.” – Bo Sanchez

Finally! My favorite day that I am looking forward to write something down to. 

My hopes, dreams and plans for the next 365 days:

  • Learn and take action on photography.  I would love to take great pictures of landscapes and people!  Over the weekend, I’ll ask the best photographer in town when we can begin our photography class.
  • Travel to nearby European countries
  • Get a Schnegen Visa for the Europe travel this coming Easter (Please do pray that my visa will be approved.)  My appointment with the embassy is scheduled to be 2 weeks from now.
  • Be more into communication with my loved ones and friends.

Hopes dreams and goals 365 days

  • Reduce my weight by approximately 30 lbs. This is in preparation for my brother’s wedding, and at the same time, just to have my slim body back! :P
  • Shift from audit to accounting career (Asking for God’s discernment for this)
  • Navigate around Photoshop. Right now, I just know how to change colors, highlights, shadows and text. I want to know how to crop and make great brushes unto the edges of my cropped images.
  • Enhance my writing skills through frequent blog entries.
  • Enhance my knowledge on financial sectors, specifically on hedging, derivatives, put/option calls, equities, the likes.
  • Get into real estate deals at the end of the year.  Already have communicated to soon to be business partner. :)  I love to have the passive income provided by rent. [Hey! I still welcome this kind of deals, so if you have any, come and let’s talk the business plans.] ^_^
  • Provide scholarship education to streetkids - two or three that I can supervise – or my friends can supervise.  Providing scholarship grant has always been my advocacy since college.  (Yeah, I have to go send a message to some friends who are in the NGO)
  • Increase my emergency fund
  • Delegate and duplicate work and businesses
  • Debt management (Learning the advantage of opportunity cost)
  • Increase my paper asset portfolios
  • Increase our team for our family’s Natasha retail business :)
  • Guide my younger brother into his “forced monthly savings”. :P
  • Start an online information business and stabilised my online retail business
  • Be supportive of my brothers’ endeavors – and be the devil’s advocate, sometimes (hehe)
  • Speak in front of an audience
  • Communicate more effectively to my peers through enhancing my technical knowledge on financial sectors (Ooops, already mentioned this)
  • Spend vacation with my parents and my extended family
  • Be more supportive of bf’s endeavors – and convince him to practice his first professional license (I think I already did. hehe. Yey!)
  • Watch the 2012 London olympics
  • Build my own snowman and make my own snow angel
  • Eat a DQ ice cream on December
  • Submit an article to be published in Kerygma magazine

More is coming…but the ultimate goal of this is that whatever the Great Guy above has bestowed upon me (ie: talents. Aherm!), I just want Him to use me as His instrument to be a blessing to people.

 -  -

Friends, what are your plans? Jot them down and take the action steps to make them come true. :)

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Keep learning and keep moving forward!



  1. isipin ko muna yung mga plans ko, balikan ko to promis! :)

    1. Go, go, go, Ate cha! :) Nakakatuwa ung challenge na 'to. ^__^

    2. Ate Cha, meron kpa utang sa post na 'to! :P [Hahahahaha!!]

  2. ah talagang nag backread ka pa tlga lyn lyn ah! kala ko nalimutan mo na to. hehehe

    hmmmm...plan ba? Me and eugene planned to get married this year! hahahaah

    whatta busy preparation pag nagkataon! so far yun pa lang naiisip kong plan! hhahaha. Imaginin mo kung gano ka busy magprepare ng wedding ceremonias lynlyn :P

    1. Of course mami cha. Woweeeee....! Congratulationes! ^_^ sa 12.12.2012 bah? ^_^

  3. Can you guide me too? I also want to join the 30 day challenge :)

    1. Aloha ji! I'm glad to see you here and thanks gid for the visit to my site. Yes, you can start blogging too. Just start with Day 1. :) You can read my post on 30-day blog challenge so you'll know how to get started. ^_^ Enjoooy! Goodluck and keep the post comin'! _(",)/


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